Guided by Mimi and Cliff’s lifetime of philanthropy and shared vision to have a lasting impact on the community, the idea of creating a private foundation began many years ago.

It is thanks to their foresight, planning, and generosity that the Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation has come to fruition. Serendipitously, we officially held our first day of business on March 1, 2021, the day before Mimi would have turned 91 years old. Based near Mimi and Cliff’s home town in Morris County, New Jersey, we intend to honor their legacy of supporting the greater Morris County community and beyond by creating partnerships with not-for-profit organizations which align with the Foundation’s mission.

Deep Roots

Marian Washington was born on March 2, 1930, and raised in Morristown, New Jersey. Nicknamed “Mimi” in her youth, she grew up as an only child in a family with a long history of entrepreneurial spirit and varied philanthropic interests. Mimi’s grandfather, George Constant Louis Washington was born in 1871 in England, and emigrated to Belgium as a young child. A chemist, inventor, and businessman, George eventually settled in Morris Plains, New Jersey with his wife Angelina and their 3 children, including Mimi’s father.

Commitment to Community

Morristown was home to Cliff and Mimi for more than 50 years where they were active members of the community. Cliff was very involved with the Washington Association and The Morristown Club. He was an instrumental figure in the redesign, landscaping, and installation of sculptures of General George Washington, Colonel Alexander Hamilton, and the Marquis de Lafayette in the Morristown Green, as well as the statue of the colonial soldier, all still standing today.

Forming a Foundation

In following with their personal interests in the arts and community development, Mimi and Cliff were active supporters of arts education programs, historic preservation, and education for underfunded groups. The Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation is the culmination of a lifetime of generosity aligned with Mimi’s specific vision to create a foundation to continue to do good work and have meaningful impact in the community she and Cliff called home.  It is in her legacy that we are able to provide grants to those in Mimi’s community and beyond, supporting causes near and dear to her heart, as well as those we know Mimi and Cliff would be proud to support.