We strive to positively impact the areas of greatest need and effect the most good.

Mimi and Cliff devoted passion, time, and resources to support diverse causes in the greater Morris County community. The Foundation is proud to continue to share their values and vision for generations to come. We are dedicated to learning about the needs within the community so that we may offer partnership and support in the place Mimi and Cliff called home.

Areas of Interest

Our primary objectives are to provide a range of grants and opportunities beyond grantmaking to support nonprofit organizations in sustainable pursuit of their mission. As such, our discretionary grantmaking is informed by the following criteria in alignment with our mission.

Animal Welfare
Care and prevention of cruelty to pets, service and food animals
The Arts
Accessible and inclusive access to performing and visual arts, art education and instructional opportunities
Local economic development and progress
Conservation & Preservation
Land conservation; environmental and historic preservation
Individual or programmatic educational opportunities to or through schools
Mental and physical health and wellness, addiction, and homelessness

Application Guidelines

We seek and value opportunities to build meaningful relationships with our grantees. We believe in providing flexible resources to help further shared missions, goals, and organizational sustainability. We are open to considering applications for existing and innovative programs and projects, general operating support, and single-year and multi-year funding. 

For the 2023 grant cycle, the Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation will accept newly developed applications and/or applications previously submitted to the MWS Foundation, those submitted to opportunities outside of the MWS Foundation, as well as the NJ and NY Common Application. Typical application requests range from $5,000-$50,000, though there are no specific guidelines on the amount requested.

Grants which benefit the greater Morris County area
Solicited or unsolicited grants
Grants supporting specified projects and/or general operating expenses
1-year or multi-year grants
Certified 501(c)(3) public charities by the IRS
Demonstrate an active nondiscrimination policy for employees and services

We do not offer grants to: individuals, for loans,  general fundraising, benefits and events, endowment campaigns, research, unless it contains an explicit and practical application or outcome, to support candidates for political office or to lobby in support of or against legislation, or any political action, religious organizations and activities, with the exception of grants related to the aforementioned areas of interest.

Learn more on our Application Guidelines page.

How to Apply for a Grant

The 2023 grant application will open on February 27 and close at 5pm on March 31.
The application may be accessed by clicking below or by creating an account with submittable.com and searching for the Mimi Washington Starrett Foundation.

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